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Why do automation manufacturers use pcb proofing

In the system that describes the behavior of the control process, the data structure of the stored process management and control information is called pcb proo...


The importance of circuit boards in current electronic parts

Circuit board is an abbreviation of printed circuit board, which is a substrate for assembling electronic parts and circuit boards. It is the printed board of t...


What does the circuit board bring to our lives?

Circuit board is an indispensable electronic component in commonly used electronic products in our daily life. Its usage rate is high, such as computers, mobile...


Definition of PCB layer

In PCB circuit board design, the definition of PCB layer is as follows:    1. Top layer (Top Layer):    is also called component layer, which is mainly us...


PCBA patch processing operation rules

No debris is allowed in PCBA patch processing, the welding surface must not be polluted, and the welding must not be confused. If you need to choose a proofing ...


The main content of SMT patch detection technology

Surface assembly quality inspection is a very important link in SMT production. It is a description of the degree to which the inherent characteristics involved...

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