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Multilayer PCB:

We can make Up to 30 Layers, Want Price Pls Send inquiry to sales@kxpcba.com 

Multi Layer PCB Stackup As you can see in the image to the right, a four-layer board starts with a rigid core of FR4 and copper. The internal core is processed for traces on those prior to the other fiberglass and copper being added, and the entire board is laminated together.


The copper foil added consists of very thin and loose sheets of copper. They are sandwiched together with the Prepreg and inner core, and placed in a PCB Lamination Press. Pressure and heat are applied to the material, which causes the Prepreg to “flow” and bind the layers together. Once it cools, the fiberglass is then hard and the entire board is very rigid.

For Multilayer PCB material , We support Fr4, Rogers , Aluminum , Flexible PCB material .you can use pure one material like fr4 to manufacturer your multilayer boards , you can choose mix-lamilate material to do your board like  Rogers+fr4, Any inquiries, send mail to  sales@kxpcba.com to get quote now !