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Shenzhen Jinxiong Electronics Co., Ltd. is a Chinese professional PCB and assembly manufacturer

Shenzhen Jinxiong Electronics Co., Ltd. is a Chinese professional PCB and assembly manufacturer .As one-turnkey PCB and assembly provider, we specialize in PCB fabrication, PCB assembly and components sourcing services.

Professional PCB electronics manufacture services , such as Multi-layer PCB,HDI PCB,MC PCB, ,Rigid Flex PCB,Flex PCB.We can fabricate Laser holes ,Impedance Control PCB, Buried & Blind Holes PCB, Countersunk hole , other special material or special process PCBs.

We take care of the entire process, including manufacturing of Printed Circuit Boards, procurement of components (100% original) , PCBA Testing , continuous monitoring of quality and final assembly.About testing,we provide SPI Inspection, AOI Inspection, X-ray Inspection, ICT Testing and Functional Testing as our value-added services.

Stencil manufacturing techniques include chemical etching, laser cutting and electroforming. we provide the Magnetic stencil, frame SMT stencils and Frameless SMT stencil , the stencil size and thickness can be according to client requirements. Special size and thickness can be consulting.

Why Choose Us

As one-turnkey PCB and assembly provider

Quick response

Online automatic quotation system saves customer waiting time and shortens product development and production cycle

Scale advantage

Own factory, annual delivery of 280,000+ varieties of products, able to respond to various needs of customers


Model + small batch, 25 years in the industry, the choice of top customers such as communications/IT/industrial control/medical

Diversified products

Complete product types, covering high-tech products such as high-rise/high-frequency/high-speed

Smart factory

Batch control and traceability throughout the process, high product yield, effectively shortening the production cycle

Quality raw materials

Brand raw materials such as Rogers, ITEQ, nelco, Isola, etc. can be selected according to customer requirements

Factroy Touring

Professional PCB electronic manufacturing service


Special size and thickness can be consulted

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