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How to calculate the price of Shenzhen PCB circuit board production?

Time:2020-11-24 Preview:279

How to calculate the price of PCB circuit board production in Shenzhen? How much is the cost of PCB circuit board production? I believe this is a question that many users are eager to know. With the continuous development of Internet technology, more and more

PCB circuit board manufacturers connected to the ERP system, opening a new way of online pricing. So what is the correct online pricing method for Shenzhen PCB circuit board production?

First, first determine the number of layers, plates, board size, number of boards, board thickness, number of imposition styles and the way of joint printing, and then choose the delivery time according to the area of the board.

In addition, choose the surface treatment process of PCB circuit board solder mask color, character color, solder mask coverage method, copper foil thickness and processing method, choose according to your own requirements, and then conduct price evaluation Third, after determining the relevant selection factors of the PCB circuit board according to the needs, you need to choose the payment method, including whether you need to issue an invoice, what express logistics to choose, and the type of packaging and flying probe Test, if there are special requirements, then make information remarks.

Combining the above three aspects, the PCB circuit board production price can be initially obtained. As a powerful PCB circuit board manufacturer, Shenzhen Honglian reminds that after online pricing, users still need to contact customers The service personnel shall conduct relevant situation understanding and consultation, so as to avoid losses due to errors in the system sometimes, and to better strengthen the guarantee of PCB circuit board production.

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